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The FLEX NBA Affiliate Program is ready for your brand to join our brand.

Who should join the affiliate program?

Are you a gamer who also loves the NBA? Do you desire to influence your friends and fellow gamers to play FLEX? Do you reach many fans through your social channels now?

The FLEX affiliate program is an easy, risk-free way for you to support and/or expand your platform, whether that is a website, blog, vlog or anything else. It is also a simple way to make that extra buck for yourself! At the same time, you have the means and opportunity to thank and reward your audience for their support, with an exclusive discount, be they new FLEX players or not!

How it works?

We'll give you a special discount code that offers your fans a 10% discount on their purchase at FLEX And at the same time, you will be earning a commission for each sale that is made. Your fans get an exclusive discount, and you earn for your social presence. It's the affiliate equivalent of a SLAM DUNK! We'll provide you with unique FLEX imagery to advertise the discount on your social channels and update as new products release. We will also share unique preview pieces for review that can help you stay in the game.

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Please note that we are unable to admit all who request to be included into the program, and that the decisions about entry will be based on audience size, uniqueness of content, and appropriate hosting for the IP of FLEX or for that of the NBA and NBPA. At any time, content that is deemed by us to be inappropriate will be asked to be removed, and affiliation status will be ended without notice, with no liability for any outstanding earnings. It is also understood that the artwork provided by FLEX NBA is the sole property of FLEX NBA, the NBA and the NBA Players Association, and is only to be used for social marketing purposes. No other usage is granted and any infraction may involve legal ramifications from all parties involved in this product.