Protect your purchase/trade from any 3rd party through Flex Validation Service. Flex NBA can trace all history of ownership of each Flexagon. Flex Validation Service will verify Flexagon history and transfer ownership to new owner. All verifications come with a stamped date and sealed packaging.  

For a fee, the team at FLEX NBA will officially validate your Flexagon’s ownership history and if desired we will transfer the registration from the current owner to a new owner.  

Purchaser will be responsible for sending in their Flexagons to FLEX NBA for validation. At this time, Flex Validation Serivce covers shipping to 3rd party or back to sender only in USA & Canada. Please be sure to check additional insurance below if required.  

After purchase a confirmation email will be sent with further instructions on next steps.  

Flex NBA is not responsible for any transactions between 2 parties. Please see terms and conditions .  

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