Flex Validation Service

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For a flat fee, the team at Flex NBA will officially validate your Flexagon's ownership history, badges, and the authenticity.  

If desired, we will transfer the Flexagon's registration from the current owner to a new owner, thereby preserving the integrity of your transaction.  

Step By Step

1. Complete the online form on this page.
2. Add to Cart and complete Checkout, including desired insurance amount for when Sequoia Games sends the Flexagon(s) back to you or to a new owner. (note: Sequoia Games will automatically provide $100 insurance on all shipments)
3. You will receive an email from the Flex Validation Service team with detailed instructions.


Shipping Details

Sender is responsible for packaging, insuring, and shipping Flexagon(s) to Flex Validation Service.

INSURANCE: UPS has a $2.70 insurance minimum, so the value of the shipped product must be at least $300 to qualify for UPS shipping insurance.

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