Superstar Hunter Loot Box

Superstar Hunter Loot Box

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(1x) Nikola Jokić MVP Limited-Edition Set features 1 Series 2 Basic Jokić Flexagon™ Tile and new, limited-edition Nikola Jokić MVP Flexagon™ and 3 special FX tiles.

(3x) Autographed! Run TMC Pack — Expansion Set includes 1 Legendary Basic Flexagon™ Tile signed by Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, or Chris Mullin and 1 Coliseum Crowd FX Tile. 

(1x) Run TMC Legendary Deluxe Set featuring 5 Flexagon™ Tiles of Run TMC with an All-Time Greats version of each of the Run TMC members, plus a special Coliseum Crowd FX tile and a Golden State Warriors Game Board.

(2x) Coming Soon: Battle Chest featuring 15 randomized Flexagon™ player tiles of any level.

(1x)  Coming Soon: Trae Young I Special Edition featuring an exclusive Trae Young Flexagon™ tile. 

(1x)  Coming SoonJaren Jackson, Jr. DPOY Special Edition featuring an exclusive Jaren Jackson, Jr. Flexagon™ tile. 

(5x) Blake Jamieson Artist Remix Sets featuring two guaranteed Flexagon™ tiles of Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Luka Dončić.

(1x) All-Star 3-Pack Expansion Box featuring 7 packs, each include 1 guaranteed All-Star tier and 2 randomized Flexagon™ player tiles of any level. (pre-order)

(1x) All-NBA 3-Pack Expansion Box featuring 7 packs, each include 1 guaranteed All-NBA tier and 2 randomized Flexagon™ player tiles of any level. (pre-order)

(1x) The Last Series 2 Starter Set features:

  • 10 Flexagon™ Player Tiles 
  • 2 Game Boards
  • 4 FX Tiles
  • 1 Play Action Die
  • 1 Ball Die
  • Damage Tokens
  • Status Effects Tokens

(2x) The Last Series 2 Expansion features 1 Flexagon™ player tiles and 3 FX Tiles.

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