How can I track my package?

You can track your shipment status once the order has left our warehouse. We highly encourage you to set up a free account with UPS My Choice. It will give you options to:

  1. View the status of your delivery
  2. Give you an option to change the shipping address of a package in transit
  3. Schedule a delivery time for a package
  5. Hold a package at a UPS location
  6. Provide instructions for driver

Click here to sign up for UPS My Choice

Returns & Exchanges

You may return a Flex NBA item within 30 days of the delivery date for a full refund. To be eligible for a refund, your item must be new, unopened, and in the original condition (protective film included) as when you received it.

When returning an unopened Flex NBA item, please return the product in its original packaging and shipping padding. Any return we receive that isn’t in the original packaging may be subject to a restocking fee of 15%.

After your item is received by Flex NBA, we will notify you by email to verify and issue a refund to the original purchaser with the same method of payment.

Please note that we do not accept exchanges.

To initiate a return, please email service@sequoiagames.com. We will need the following information:

  • Order Number
  • Full Name
  • Email Address

Please allow 2 weeks for the refund to be processed once you return your item.

Replacement or Defective Products

We do not offer replacement products. If you feel the product is defective, please send us a picture of the item with a description of what may be defective to service@sequoiagames.com. Please be sure to include your Order Number, Full Name, and Email Address.


  • For purchases made through our website, you have the options to use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.
  • Your payment will be processed after you input your payment information and checkout.
  • If your card is declined, please check with your bank or card issuer since there can be various reasons why your card was declined. Please make sure the charge from us did not get processed before trying to checkout again.

Changes to Existing Orders

  • Please email service@sequoiagames.com for assistance. Be sure to include your Order Number, Full Name, and Email Address.

Order Cancellation Policy

  • To cancel an order, please send a cancellation request within 24 hours of when the order was placed. Your order can only be cancelled if it has not yet been shipped. To request a cancellation, please contact service@sequoiagames.com and we will attempt to cancel the order for you. If your order cannot be cancelled due to it already having been processed and shipped to you, please review our “Return Policy” for the required steps.


Why does my Flexagon look matted and dull?

All of our Flexagons are shipped with a protective film, which can be easily peeled off and removed.

How do I clean my Flexagon?

When cleaning your Flexagons, it is recommended that you use a clean microfiber cloth. Please avoid using any ammonia-based cleaners, as they may damage the Flexagon surface.

What is the best way to store my Flexagons?

Flexagons can be scratched and scuffed. We recommend that you keep them in a place that reduces the chance of any abrasions, such as in the original box. We will be releasing protective cases in the future. Sign up for our email list to get the latest news and product drop information.

Can someone use a picture of my Flexagon’s barcode to register an unregistered tile?

Yes, they can. Therefore, please do not share a picture of your Flexagon’s barcode or your physical Flexagon until you have registered it in your mobile companion app. Once you have registered your Flexagon, you will be the only owner unless you de-register your the Flexagon.

How can I make sure that a Flexagon I buy from an existing owner is authentic, and that they are the rightful owner?

You may ask the seller to ship their Flexagon to Sequoia Games, where we will validate the registration of that tile:

4848 Lakeview Avenue, Suite 100-C

Yorba Linda, CA 92886

How often will new player tiles be made available for sale?

We will have new Seasons released regularly, featuring new players and artwork. Sign up for our email newsletters to get the latest news and product drop information.

Are Flex NBA products safe for children?

Flex NBA complies with all US toy safety standards and regulations. Flex NBA is CPSC and Prop 65 compliant.

Warning: Choking Hazard: small parts may be generated. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Where can I download the mobile companion app?

What devices support the mobile companion app?

Most modern iOS and Android devices support the mobile companion app and its Flexagon registration features. Flex NBA’s AR features require a minimum of an iPhone SE, iPad Air (3rd Generation), iPod Touch (7th Generation), Google Pixel 2, or a Samsung Galaxy S7 or equivalent device.

What do I do if my AR is not working?

Follow these steps:

  • Open your mobile companion app
  • In Settings, make sure that you allow Camera Access for Flex NBA
  • Close and reopen the Flex NBA mobile companion app

If you are still having trouble:

  • Restart your device
  • Check for any app updates, and update if needed
  • Delete the app and then re-download

My AR is shaky, how can I get the best AR experience?

To ensure you get the best possible AR experience:

  • Keep your phone steady and still
  • Avoid glare from lights
  • Remove the protective film from your Flexagons
  • Make sure that there are 6 or fewer AR players on the screen. AR performance can lag if you view more than 6 AR players on your screen at once. AR performance can vary per device.

How do I register my Flexagon?

As soon as you download the mobile companion app, make sure that you create a Flex ID account and then sign in on your device. Then watch this short Flexagon registration tutorial video NBA Flex Tile Registration (Short)

What is the maximum number of Flexagons that I can have registered in my Roster on the mobile companion app?

Unlimited! Assemble as many tiles as you want, fill up your roster, and build your most powerful team.

What happens to my Flexagon registration if I trade or sell my Flexagon to someone else?

Please do one of the following:

  1. 1. De-register the Flexagon that you are trading or selling in your mobile companion app. Once you de-register, the new owner can then register that Flexagon in their mobile companion app.
  2. 2. Request a Flexagon Authentication form by emailing service@sequoiagames.com. Once you fill out the online form, please send the Flexagon(s) to:

4848 Lakeview Avenue, Suite 100-C

Yorba Linda, CA 92886

Please note that an authentication fee of $15 will be charged to you once we authenticate the Flexagon.