The World's First Pro Sports AR Game

Assemble the most powerful team in the basketball universe.

Collect the Greats

Every tile comes with an unrepeatable barcode. Register your tile, upgrade players, trade, and compile your dream team.  

Augmented Reality

Every tile is AR enabled through the companion app. See your favorite players move and flex on their opponents.  

Hand-Drawn Artwork

Every Flexagon tile hand-drawn by artists all around the world. Every Flexagon tile is an acrylic masterpiece. 100+ NBA Stars.  

Family Game Night

Physical and digital play come together for a whole new gaming experience. See the hand-drawn artwork come to life as you play.    

See the entire roster of Flexagon™ Tiles to assemble your team!

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Fun For the Entire Family

Physical and digital gameplay all in one game!  

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How do you want to set up your team?

Customer Reviews

Kickstarter Customer

I got my packs last night and played with a buddy of mine...My all stars were Gobert and Kawhi and I had Paul George as one of my other pulls. Love how they dap each other up.

- JoeyAKAJoey

Great Pulls!

Solid pulls from my @flex_meta box! Only a millionaire can get my Double Russell Westbrooks. Thanks for amazing artwork and smooth app for registering the flexagons! #flexnba

- Lloyd og Sara


Worth the Wait!

Received our @flex_meta package today and wow! My son thinks this is so cool. He wants to collect all the tiles now! Can't wait to actually play it!

- Jeff Manning

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